20 years

Design For Better Life


ARCH HORIZON has inaugurated in 2003 by New York and Ontario architects and designers.  Our firm has done varieties of projects in different cities worldwide, including Scitech Premium Outlets, Beijing, Wuxi Millenium Hotel, Wuxi, Midtown East 40,000sm condominium, Chendu, Fuzhou Venetian City 250,000sm Mix-Used Complex,and Fuzhou.

In responce to the overwhelming demands for interior design and solutions, we have extended our services from architecture design to office planning and interior design, as well as residential interior design services.  

ARCH HORIZON 于2003 年由美国纽约与加拿大安省建筑师和设计师创立,自入驻上海以来一直从事建筑与室内设计服务于中国。公司在世界不同城市做了各种类型的项目,包括北京赛特奥莱,无锡千禧五星级大酒店,成都 Mid-Town East 4万平米 高级住宅,福州威尼斯城 25万平米 商业综合体。