The firm approaches each project holistically, ensuring the entire team remains focused on the client’s unique needs. Its comprehensive services guide the project seamlessly from initial research, design, and planning, through approval and construction, culminating in the ceremonial ribbon-cutting and the project’s full utilization and enjoyment.


Founded in 2003 by esteemed architects and designers from New York and Ontario, Arch Horizon has made its mark with a diverse portfolio of projects across the globe. Our firm has successfully completed healthcare clinics in the USA, Canada, Spain, and a nursing college in South Africa. In the commercial sector, we’ve designed a mall in Saudi Arabia, Scitech Premium Outlets in Beijing, Beijing Xinchuang Outlet Mall, and the expansive 250,000-square-meter Fuzhou Venetian City mixed-use complex.
For hospitality and residential projects, our portfolio includes the Wuxi Millennium Hotel, the 40,000-square-meter Midtown East condominium, as well as numerous detached homes and clubhouses. Our architects and designers have also contributed to major international landmarks such as Trump Tower Toronto, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Wildrid Laurier University Business and Arts school, Henderson Hospital and the Shanghai Securities Exchange Building, in addition to renovating many national treasures.
At Arch Horizon, our architects and interior designers collaborate strategically with clients to deliver innovative, high-quality, and sustainable solutions. Our projects span the globe and encompass a wide range of types, including private clubhouses, residences, offices, stores, outlet malls, HOPSCA developments, academic institutions, hospitals, civic buildings, convention centers, and cultural and entertainment venues.
Arch Horizon 由纽约和安大略的著名建筑师和设计师于2003年创立,已在全球范围内完成了多样化的项目。我们公司在美国、加拿大、西班牙和南非成功完成了医疗诊所和护理学院的建设。在商业领域,我们设计了沙特阿拉伯的购物中心、北京的赛特奥莱(现王府井奥莱,香江小镇)、北京兴创奥特莱斯购物中心,以及占地25万平方米的福州威尼斯城综合体。
在酒店和住宅项目方面,我们的作品包括无锡千禧酒店、占地4万平方米的Midtown East公寓,以及众多独立住宅和会所。我们的建筑师和设计师还参与了多项国际地标性项目,如多伦多特朗普大厦、Wilfrid Laurier大学商业与艺术学院,Henderson 医院,尼亚加拉瀑布景观赌场度假村和上海证券交易所大厦。
在Arch Horizon,我们的建筑师和室内设计师与客户合作,提供创新、高质量和可持续的解决方案。我们的项目遍布全球,涵盖了私人会所、住宅、办公室、商店、奥特莱斯购物中心、HOPSCA开发、学术机构、医院、公共建筑、会议中心以及文化和娱乐场所。