Classical and Restoration

Activate classical architecture and inherit culture through restoration, protection and transformation. Combine traditional and modern design to create high-quality architecture and environment.


Contemporary 当代建筑

Contemporary architecture integrates modern art and contemporary science and technology. The beauty of architecture pays attention to the harmony of all parts, and fully considers the relationship between materials and details. Architecture must inherit culture and give it new and rich connotation.

Modern architecture is not diametrically opposed to tradition. On the contrary, contemporary architecture should pay attention to history and culture.



Architecture/Commerical 建筑/商业

We are first choice of many developers during commerical design 我司拥有多方面的商业建筑设计经验。

Our projects include shopping malls, mall, outlets, pedestrian streets, retail stores, supermarkets, commercial complexes, lofts, serviced apartments, sales offices, clubs, model houses, or cultural spaces, museums, etc.




The design of office and medical space directly affects the internal effectiveness: the design is not only for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and functionality.

Our projects include office space, office building, commercial complex, super high-rise, creative park, loft, hotel apartment, factory, or hospital.


多伦多川普大厦,纽约Credit Suisse First Boston,纽约Greenhill&C.,纽约AIG,上海证券大厦,杭州利群大厦,上海赢华国际广场,Henderson Hospital 等项目

Our projects include five-star hotels, serviced apartments, boutique hotels, B & B, wineries and commercial complexes.