In recent years, it is difficult for shopping centers to attract people only by retail. The next generation of shopping centers must be readjusted and upgraded to improve the shopping experience through the integration of business format and internal and external space. It must be equipped with rich and convenient facilities and services, immersion overall design and technology to create a dynamic, attractive and unforgettable shopping center.

According to the current trend, most newly-built or reconstructed shopping centers adjust the catering proportion from 20% to 40%, and many adjust the proportion to 60% Entertainment + catering and 40% retail to create better revenue.

With the blurring of the boundary between life, work and entertainment, community activities have become an important key to attract people to retail. Skating rink, basketball court, gym, concert, carnival, wedding, library, classroom, art center and immersive space, IMAX theater and medical clinic have been introduced into the shopping center. The shopping center has become a community activity center, not just a retail center.

How to create and retain crowds has always been the focus of shopping center design. The novel appearance and space of the shopping center give customers the first impression. It must be able to attract customers and retain customers. The longer customers stay, the more they can increase their desire to buy. Therefore, when designing shopping centers, we often imagine how to make customers stay happily the entire day.

After gathering people, they should be directed to all retail stores, such as catering and entertainment distributed on each floor of the whole department store, Or set the catering on the top floor to produce the showering effect, so that the whole mall is full of vitality and people. In addition to indoor and other spaces, outdoor places can also be added to provide entertainment, fashion shows, or various exhibitions on weekends, which has become a key part of the local community!

Traditional shopping centers are inward design, while the next generation of shopping centers should integrate indoor and outdoor space. Modern people pursue a healthier lifestyle and environment. The shopping center can add green space or sky garden to become a new urban oasis! The new shopping center must focus on how to provide “happiness”, let customers leave good memories, bring people an immersive environment and take them to places they have never been!




随着生活,工作和娱乐之间的界限不断模糊,社区活动成为引聚人流至零售的重要关键。 溜冰场,篮球场,健身房,音乐会,嘉年华,婚礼,图书馆,教室,艺术中心和沉浸式空间,IMAX剧院,医疗诊所均被引入购物中心。购物中心俨然已成为社区活动中心,而不仅是零售中心。

如何创造与留住人潮一直以来都是购物中心的设计重点。购物中心新颖的外观与空间给予顾客第一印象,它必须能把顾客吸引进来并留住顾客,顾客待的时间越久越能增加其购买欲望。因此我们设计购物中心时经常设想如何让顾客愉快的逗留一整天,如果可以的话让顾客一直的留下去 :)

聚集人流后应将其导向所有零售,例如将餐饮娱乐分布在整个百货的每个楼层上,或者将餐饮设置在顶层来产生淋浴效应(Showering Effect),让整个商场都充满活力和人流。除了室内等空间,也可添加户外场所在周末提供娱乐,时装表演,或各式会展等活动,成为当地社区的关键部分!