The new Jeonnam Citizen’s Square will be a public space that touches the daily life of residents. Indoor and outdoor facilities and functions that rejuvenate mind and body are provided for all ages and at the same time breathes new vitality into the urban space. The design envisions a multi-purpose square that is sustainable, encompassing a great variety of vegetations, with visual and physical connections to the surrounding beautiful natural scenery.

Bamboo of Damyang-gun, tea plantation of Boseong-gun, plum trees of Gwangyang-si, chrysanthemum of Hwasun-gun, to name a few, are gathered here as a representative place of Jeollanam-do. These representatives and places of recreational functions are on or encircled by the “islands”; the element specific to the local context of thousand islands is interpreted here in a contemporary way for the design. The central square and the garden bridges of the Jeonnam Citizen’s Square are placed on the main Central Park axis, making the visual, physical, spatial and green connections with the Central Park; the forms and the geometries further continue the artistic grand gesture that gives the square and the park a new attractive identity. Sustainability is important in the design. A combination of active and passive designs makes the building energy neutral with regards to building-related energy consumption. Rainwater will be stored and used for irrigation and toilet facilities, reducing the area’s water consumption. This water storage, combined with the green roofs and permeable grounds makes water run-off minimal.

The new Jeonnam Citizen’s Square aims to bring vitality and innovation to the area through a seamless integration of landscape, leisure, commerce, and culture. It will be the landmark that showcases the best of the province, and building better lives with the people.

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